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Academic Coaching is so much more than just tutoring

Imagine a fun, upbeat learning atmosphere where students are becoming academic champions, working on math, reading, writing, study skills, organization, and more!

We offer a personalized approach to help students reach academic success in a fun, upbeat, and motivating learning environment. Just like a sports coach helps an athlete build bodily strength and endurance, Star Academic Coaching helps students build their academic strength and confidence. We use study drills, chants, songs, hands-on learning, technology, learning games, rewards systems, and more to inspire students to be their best academically.


Each student who enrolls starts off with a personal academic assessment designed to identify and pin-point that student's learning levels. After the assessment, a personalized learning plan is created for each student in order to achieve steady academic progress. 


During the academic coaching sessions, students work in small groups to ensure individualized attention.


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